Welcome to Somewhere Struggling
A Place of Encouragement & Empowerment

We may fall down, but we must get back up.

Everyday we are faced with various struggles that come along with life. No matter what you may be facing personally, we all know The Struggle. Some of our challenges may be more trying than others; Maybe you are having emotionally damaging relationship problems, just lost your primary source of income or struggle with internal conflicts yet everyday you still pretend to be okay. These are only a few of the struggles of life. Life is not fair, but we mustn’t ever give up.

You are still standing! No matter what you face on any given day, stay strong ♥

The purpose of this blog is to encourage someone to be themselves, have courage, step out of their comfort zone, have faith and so much more. Through the sharing of my experiences and the insight I gain from each, I hope to uplift any person who may need it.

You can find all of my blog posts here. Enjoy!

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